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Benefits of using steroids

What is it that makes AAS potent? These drugs are synthetically produced to simulate testosterone, the primary male sex hormone. Anabolic steroids are very popular with professional or competitive athletes, weight lifters and body builders and are used to-

• Improve physical appearance

• Increase muscle mass

• Increase strength and endurance

• Train longer and frequently with unprecedented intensity

• Boost sporting performance

• Faster recuperation

Their medical benefits include their involvement in replacement therapy for men whose testes fails to produce adequate quantities of testosterone (required for sex drive and primary sex characteristics).

They’re also given to HIV-positive individuals and some cancer patients to increase their appetite, maintain muscle mass and enhance their sense of well-being.

Increased Muscle Strength

It is well known, both scientifically and anecdotally, that steroid use increases muscle strength. A recent study by Rogerston and colleagues (2007) nicely illustrates this effect of performance-enhancing drugs. These authors showed that testosterone enanthate, the most commonly used (and abused) form of testosterone, increased bench press strength and cycling performance in healthy subjects relative to placebo. Previous research had shown that such effects were typically obtained in 6 to 12 weeks of treatment, yet these researchers demonstrated significant effects within 3 weeks. These surprising results show that steroid use can quickly increase muscle strength.

Increased Body Size

The Rogerston and associates study also showed that steroid use increased body size. In fact, a large amount of research supports that finding. A well-done experiment by Giorgi and co-workers (2009) typifies such studies. The latter authors tested the effects of testosterone enanthate in healthy weight trainers. Testosterone significantly increased body weight, bicep girth and quadricep circumference. This study also revealed a increase in abdomen "tightness.” That finding is unusual, however, as most studies do not indicate a fat-reducing effect of steroid use (Hartgens and Kuipers, 2004).

Increased Healing Rate

Another documented effect of steroids is their positive impact on healing rate. The recent steroid scandals involving professional athletes such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, and Roger Clemens contained repeated references to the use of performance-enhancing drugs for hastening recovery. Unfortunately, few studies testing these effects in healthy individuals are available. There is, however, a nice collection of steroid data in "trauma” subjects including people who have experienced burns and injuries. A recent study by Miller and Btaiche (2009), for example, showed that oxandrolone (a synthetic derivative of testosterone) improved lean body mass, increased muscle strength, and restored body weight in patients with severe thermal injuries.

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